31 OCTOBER W Feria; 5.30pm 1st Vespers & Sol. Ben., 6.30pm 1st Mass of All Saints (fulfils obligation)

1 Th ALL SAINTS (Holy day of obligation); Masses 7.00am, 8.00am (1962 Missal), 10.00am, 12.30pm, 5.30pm, & 6.30pm (Solemn Latin)

2 F ALL SOULS; 6.00pm Vespers of the Dead, 6.30pm Solemn Requiem (Latin)

3 S Feria or St Winefride or St Martin Porres

4 S 31st PER ANNUM; 4th Sunday remaining after Epiphany (1962 Missal)

5 M Feria

6 T Feria

7 W Feria or St Willibrord

8 Th Feria

9 F The Dedication of the Lateran Basilica

10 S St Leo the Great

11 S 32nd PER ANNUM; 5th Sunday remaining after Epiphany (1962 Missal)

12 M St Josaphat

13 T Feria

14 W Feria

15 Th Feria or St Albert the Great

16 F Feria or St Margaret of Scotland or St Gertrude or St Edmund of Abingdon

17 S St Elizabeth of Hungary or St Hilda or St Hugh of Lincoln

18 S 33rd PER ANNUM; 6th Sunday remaining after Epiphany (1962 Missal)

19 M Feria

20 T Feria

21 W Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

22 Th St Cecilia

23 F Feria or St Clement I or St Columban; 6.00pm Solemn Requiem for deceased Fathers and Brothers

24 S Ss Andrew Dũng-Lac and Companions

25 S CHRIST THE KING; 24th and Last Sunday after Pentecost (1962 Missal)

26 M Feria

27 T Feria

28 W Feria

29 Th Feria