1 W Feria

2 Th THE PRESENTATION OF THE LORD (Candlemas); Blessing of Candles, Procession and Solemn Mass 6.30pm

3 F Feria or St Blaise or St Ansgar

4 S Our Lady or Feria

5 S 5th PER ANNUM; 5th Sunday after Epiphany (1962 Missal)

6 M St Paul Miki and Companions

7 T Feria

8 W Feria or St Jerome Emiliani or St Josephine Bakhita

9 Th Feria

10 F St Scholastica

11 S Feria or Our Lady of Lourdes

12 S 6th PER ANNUM; Septuagesima (1962 Missal); Procession of Our Lady of Lourdes 4.00pm

13 M Feria


15 W Feria

16 Th Feria

17 F Feria or The Seven Founders of the Servites

18 S Our Lady or Feria

19 S 7th PER ANNUM; Sexagesima (1962 Missal)

20 M Feria

21 T Feria or St Peter Damian


23 Th St Polycarp

24 F Feria

25 S Our Lady or Feria

26 S 8th PER ANNUM; Quinquagesima (1962)

27 M Feria

28 T Feria (Shrove Tuesday)   


MARCH 2017

1 W ASH WEDNESDAY; Day of Fasting and Abstinence. Solemn Mass and Imposition of Ashes (Latin) 6.30pm (no 6.00pm Mass)

2 Th Lenten Feria

3 F Lenten Feria

4 S Lenten Feria or St Casimir

5 S 1st OF LENT

6 M Lenten Feria

7 T Lenten Feria or Ss Perpetua and Felicity

8 W Lenten Feria or St John of God

9 Th Lenten Feria or St Frances of Rome

10 F Lenten Feria

11 S Lenten Feria

12 S 2nd OF LENT

13 M Lenten Feria

14 T Lenten Feria

15 W Lenten Feria

16 Th Lenten Feria


18 S Lenten Feria or St Cyril of Jerusalem

19 S 3rd OF LENT

20 M ST JOSEPH; Sol. Ben. 6.30pm

21 T Lenten Feria

22 W Lenten Feria

23 Th Lenten Feria or St Turibius de Mogrovejo

24 F Lenten Feria

25 S THE ANNUNCIATION OF THE LORD; Solemn Mass (Latin) 11.00am

26 S 4th OF LENT (Lætare)

27 M Lenten Feria

28 T Lenten Feria; Solemn Mass and Procession of the 40 Hours’ 6.30pm

29 W Lenten Feria; Conducted Holy Hour 6.30pm

30 Th Lenten Feria; Lauda Sion and Sol. Ben. for closing of the 40 Hours’ 7.00pm

31 F Lenten Feria