The Oratory’s group for young adults meets in St Wilfrid's Hall. Meetings begin with hot snacks and drinks from 7.30pm. Talk at 8pm. Social after until 10pm.

Thursday 22nd March: "The Attack on Marriage: What it means and how we can fight back" by Thomas Pascoe.
Mr Pascoe is a Catholic and member of the Coalition for Marriage (C4M), founded to defend the true meaning of marriage in face of the same-sex marriage bill.

Thursday 26th April: "Modern education's two greatest challenges. What they are and how Christians can help" by Ferdi McDermott.
Mr McDermott is Principal of Chavagnes International College in France. Chavagnes houses both a Catholic boys' school and a university college devoted to the Liberal Arts. Ferdi has written and lectured widely on education, literature and cultural history.

Thursday 17th May: May Party from 8pm.

Thursday 28th June: "Stem cells and medicine: where are we now?" by Professor Neil Scolding.
Professor Scolding is a Catholic and Burden Professor and Director of the Bristol Institute of Clinical Neurosciences. He has a clinical and research interest in the biology of multiple sclerosis and in particular in the clinical and experimental exploration of cell-based treatments. He last spoke to us in defence of life and against euthanasia.

For some years our faithful (especially those from this group) have helped out on Wednesdays at the Night Shelter run by GlassDoorUK at St Augustine's Queen's Gate, near South Kensington Station. Now Lent is upon us it is a good time to think about alms-giving and here’s a practical way! If you wish to join, follow the instructions on this page.

Here are some notes for new volunteers:

  • If you have not been before, we entertain the guests to supper, wait on them and sit with them at table. About 50 of the guests stay over night and a few extra just come for the dinner.
  • Ideally please be there between 7.45- 8pm. We meet outside the West door (main facade of church) & then go inside.
  • Finish at c.9.30/10pm


  • Don't give out any personal details, surnames, phone numbers &c.
  • Don't forget that they are guests.
  • Don't leave alone at the end of the night but at least in pairs.


  • Do ask them about themselves but be respectful of their privacy too.
  • If you discover any problems, then mention it to one of the co-ordinators - Do NOT undertake to help anyone directly.
  • Do make sure you look after your valuables.
  • When you turn up, mention that you are from the Oratory.

The ReStart Charity ( are looking to start a two tier mentoring initiative. This is what they told us:

We are initially looking for volunteers who are interested in becoming either a mentor or a befriender. Both will have very similar training and supervision, although mentoring will be a six-month commitment and the onus on meeting the mentee would be very much up to both parties. For the "befriending" option, the commitment would look more like one or two months, with meetings with the mentee restricted to Saturdays at the Drop-in. At this stage, we are interested in getting an idea of numbers, anyone that is keen on finding out more. We will be writing to everyone that registers an interest soon. Please email directly (mentioning that you have come through the Oratory) at

All those aged 18-35 are welcome to attend