The Oratory’s group for young adults meets in St Wilfrid's Hall. Meetings begin with hot snacks and drinks from 7.30pm. Talk at 8pm. Social after until 10pm.


On 11th November the Oratory will take over the homeless shelter at St Luke's Redcliffe Gardens. And so we’re looking at for volunteers!

We have decided that this year we’d like people to commit to doing a minimum of 3 Saturdays, so that the guests will see familiar faces as the weeks roll on, and we as volunteers can be as organised as possible.

We are also looking for dedicated dish washers this year to keep things under control in the kitchen. This job would mean staying in the kitchen at all times making sure things are clean and organised. Please also let us know if you’d be interested in taking this job!

Once we have an idea of who'd like to get involved, we’ll get back in touch to get dates from you all so that Nina can start scheduling!

Do have a think about whether you’d be happy to make that commitment. If you are, please reply on the Facebook page for the group (here) or email Nina Shenkman (

The ReStart Charity ( are looking to start a two tier mentoring initiative. This is what they told us:

We are initially looking for volunteers who are interested in becoming either a mentor or a befriender. Both will have very similar training and supervision, although mentoring will be a six-month commitment and the onus on meeting the mentee would be very much up to both parties. For the "befriending" option, the commitment would look more like one or two months, with meetings with the mentee restricted to Saturdays at the Drop-in. At this stage, we are interested in getting an idea of numbers, anyone that is keen on finding out more. We will be writing to everyone that registers an interest soon. Please email directly (mentioning that you have come through the Oratory) at

All those aged 18-35 are welcome to attend