Bishop Julio Parrilla Diaz of Riobamba in Ecuador has asked the Oratory Parish to help with a Catholic school in his diocese. “Garcia Moreno” Catholic School at Guano provides for 550 boys and girls from one of the poorest areas in the Andean region of Ecuador. Urgent repair work is needed in school buildings, as well as the lodgings of the new community of religious sisters who will run the school. Scroll down for the letter from Bishop Parrilla Diaz and for a report on the school (in the Spanish original and in English translation), as well as for several photos that show the damaged buildings. The school is owned and financed by the Diocese of Riobamba, and it largely depends on the mode st means of the local community. Any help for this very worthwhile project will be greatly appreciated! To send a donation or to request further information, please contact Fr Michael Lang at the Oratory House or email