The Oratory Church's beautiful chapel dedicated to St Patrick is in need of restoration.

Restoration work has begun in St Patrick's Chapel in December 2016.
We are most grateful to the very generous donors who have made this possible.

Visitors to the Oratory church are now particularly struck by the beauty of the newly restored chapel of St Mary Magdalene which for many years was in a sorry condition. Hopefully the success of the restoration of this chapel will inspire our readers to consider making a donation to the restoration of the neighbouring chapel of St Patrick.

         We are happy to report that the original target sum for the restoration of St Patrick’s chapel is close to being met. Many thanks to all those who have so generously contributed. It has however taken nearly four years to get to this stage and inevitably costs have risen from when the original estimates were received. The Fathers would therefore be grateful for further contributions so that the much needed work on this chapel can be begun as soon as possible. What a wonderful thing if in this month of the Feast of St Patrick all those who have been helped by the Apostle to the Irish, and all those who have made use of the chapel during the course of the many baptismal ceremonies which take place there were to give generously so that works can begin as soon as possible.

         Donations can be made to “The London Oratory”, being sure to mark them “For St Patrick’s chapel” and may be Gift Aided. For more information, please contact the Oratory House.


Click below for a (now partly outdated) brochure with more details about St Patrick's chapel and its proposed restoration.